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Spring Term 1


This term, we are continuing to learn about different ways of moving and travelling along apparatus safely. We have learned how to hold our arms out to help us balance. When jumping off apparatus, we have learned to make sure we bend our knees when we land. We have also been focusing on different ways of rolling as well, such as pencil rolls and teddy bear rolls. 

Autumn Term 2


PE sessions at the start of this half term will involve the children doing yoga. They will have the opportunity to learn a variety of yoga poses whilst following the stories of 'A Bear Hunt' and 'The Wizard of Oz'. This type of exercise will help the children strengthen their core and develop their gross motor skills. 


As well as yoga, the children will be using the apparatus to develop their climbing, balancing and coordination skills. They will be travelling under, over, through and around the apparatus using all parts of their body. Towards the end of the term the children will move on from using small equipment to larger equipment and introduce a sequence into their movements.