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Nursery Admissions

We take children into our nursery the term after their 3rd birthday and have up to 3 intakes each year (September, January and April).  


We contact parents in the half term before they are due to start to discuss admission arrangements.  Details of what we offer are below.  


15 Hours' Entitlement


The funded early years’ entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds is 15 hours per week.  12½ hours are provided during normal morning (8.55am-11.25am) or afternoon (12.55pm to 3.25pm) nursery sessions.  


Each child will then be entitled to an additional 2½ hours of provision in addition to their existing 5 morning or afternoon sessions. The following options are available:


Option 1 – three sessions at Breakfast Club (3 hours) - This option is only available to children attending morning nursery.  Children extend their session from 7.45am to 11.25am, 3 days per week, and would attend the breakfast club already running on site.  Childcare provision and food is included.  


Option 2 – two sessions at Lunch Club (3 hours) Maximum 16 children per day - This option is available to all children.  Morning children would extend their session from 8.55am to 1pm, 2 fixed days per week.  Afternoon children would extend their session from 11.30am to 3.25pm, 2 fixed days per week.  These extra sessions would be provided at our existing on-site lunch club.  Childcare provision is included.  However, the funding does not cover the cost of lunch and therefore this will be charged  for this (currently £2.30 per day) (payable in advance electronically via SIMS PAY).     


Option 3 – one session at Leo’s After School Club. (2½ hours) Day to be confirmed with Leo’s - This option is available to children attending afternoon nursery.  Children would extend their session from 12.55pm until 6pm, 1 day per week.  This extra session would be provided by Leo’s Nurseries Limited and would be held on-site.

30 hours entitlement

We offer 30 years entitlement to eligible families.  Please see this link for eligibility. Below is a breakdown of what we offer under the 30 hours entitlement:

The times will be:

7.45am – 8.50am 

Breakfast club ( both care and food are included in your 30 hours)


8.50am -11.25am

Morning nursery session


11.30 – 1.00pm

Lunch time (This is NOT included in the 30 hours provision).

12.55pm – 3.25pm

Afternoon nursery session.


11.30 – 1.00pm Lunch time (This is NOT included in the 30 hours provision). There are two options as follows:


Option 1:      You can arrange to have your child collected and brought back for the afternoon session


Option 2:      Your child can stay at school for lunch at a cost of:-

                       £2.50 per day for 1.5 hours care charged in advance for each half term and

                       £2.30 charged for the meal before or at the time of taking, totalling £4.80 per session.