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Next week is half term we are back on Monday 3rd June. School clubs will be running from the first week back.

OPAL School - (Outdoor Play And Learning)

OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) will successfully embed play into our school policies, which will enable a committed change for our playtimes.


This will provide our children with an improved quality of play provision to empower them to initiate positive play and socialisation.


Through support of our local community, businesses, staff and you (our children's families), we can ensure Arnold Mill is a thriving school where children can experience a wide range of fun games and activities to improve their overall well being.


How we want to use our School Grounds - Part 1.

This is how we initially, envision the school grounds being used for our OPAL schools. We are sure that this will change multiple times as we expand and increase the equipment that we have, as well as move the locations of the 'small parts' to maximise the benefit for the children's play.

We aim in the long term, along with creating the digging area, that we will also create a large sand pit, location still to be decided.