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In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, every state school has to have a Governing Body.


The Governing Body is a committee of volunteers made up of the school staff, parents of children at the school, representatives of the local authority and members of the community.  



The governing body provides strategic leadership and accountability in the school by:

  • Helping set the aims and objectives for the school

  • Setting the policies for achieving those aims and objectives

  • Setting the targets for achieving those aims and objectives

  • Monitoring and evaluating the progress the school is making to achieve its aims and objectives

  • Being a source of challenge and support to the head teacher and senior leadership team

  • Promoting the interest of the school in the wider community



Governing bodies have to meet at least once a term and their considerations are wide ranging, so at Arnold Mill, the governing body members spread the work into committee meetings for:

  • Finance & Resources – each term, to discuss the School’s budget and staff

  • Strategic and Pastoral – each term, to discuss the School’s strategy, policies & performance

  • Behaviour and Attendance – annually, to review the discipline statistics and policies

  • Pay - annually, to review pay grades and policies

  • Recommendations and minutes of the committees are then reviewed / approved at a Full Governing Body Meeting, held each term

Each governor is also allocated an area of responsibility and Key Stage Phase. During the academic year, they have to come into school to reflect on their allotted subject and to visit their year groups. 

Even as volunteers, we are accountable to Ofsted for our actions.


How can you become a governor?

It is normal practice that the school’s head teacher has to be on the governing body, whilst the remaining staff members have to be elected by their peers. When there is a vacancy, parents of children at the school can put their name forward for membership, and should there be more than one candidate, they too, have to face an election, this time by other parents. Volunteer community governors are appointed by the remaining governing body members, whilst the local authority can nominate their members.


Arnold Mill has a governing body consisting of the following members:


Name Start date End date
Mrs Jackie Oldfield (Head Teacher)




Mr Anthony Clarke (Chair- Parent)

I became a parent governor after being elected in May 2018. I have been actively involved with school life since my two sons started school. 

I enjoy working with the PTA and have been part of a group of parents who have organised the school discos and fairs. 

I feel passionate about Arnold Mill and was thrilled to become Chair in November 2019. 






Mrs Joanne Murray (Co-opted)

I was a Parent Governor for four years. Since my children left Arnold Mill I have been co-opted on to the governing body. I take an active role within Arnold Mill and have worked with school since my children started at Church Drive. 

I have a background in education, having taught previously in KS2 as well as having the role of SENco until leaving to start a family. I am now a Teaching Assistant and mum to three children, who have moved on to The Redhill Academy and beyond.

I am currently the Safeguarding Governor.

October 2010 October 2022

Mrs Susan Bullen (Co-opted)

My name is Sue Bullen and I am one of Arnold Mill's HLTA's. I currently work in class 2F (which is year 6 class) although I have worked across the school in various year groups for the last 8 years.


This is my fourth year of being a school Governor for Arnold Mill. 

Sept  2013 January 2023


March 2020 March 2024

Mr Guy Heywood (Co-opted)

Since my son started at Arnold Mill, I have been impressed with the environment and opportunities provided and feel I could contribute positively to the governing body.  As a Commercial Buyer working in industry, maintaining value for money and obtaining quality are standard skills which I could transfer to this role.  Through effective communication, I would offer challenge and accountability whilst supporting the vision and leadership of the school.  Representing all parents will be a privilege as Arnold Mill looks forward.


April 2016 Nov 2023

Mrs Rosie Allen (Community)

I have been a Community Governor at Arnold Mill for 5 years and started soon after retirement from Secondary School headship.  I live in the local area and have been very pleased indeed to be associated with Arnold Mill because every time I visit I am so impressed with the pupils who show such a strong commitment to their school and impress with their good manners and readiness to learn. 


I have been particularly involved in literacy at the school and have very much enjoyed my visits to see Read! Write! lessons. 


As a governor I see my role as being to gain a really clear picture of the school’s strengths and areas for development and to support the headteacher and her staff in the journey of constant self improvement.


I wish everyone involved with our school the very best for the future.


February 2015 January 2023

Mrs Karen Robinson (Vice Chair - Community)

I retired from Arnold Mill Primary School in 2013.


I have been working in school finance for 23 years and gained the Certificate of School Business Management from the National College of School Leadership in 2005. My role as School Manager covered all aspects of school finance as well as requiring me to take a strategic overview of the school. The financial role is crucial in ensuring resources are available to enable effective teaching and learning.


I have also served as a Governor in different capacities for 30 years. During this time I was the Governor representative for Special Educational Needs and Disability Discrimination.


The Arnold Mill community is very important to me and I believe I can add value to the Governing Body to help to ensure that the needs of all children are met effectively. I feel I am able to support the Head Teacher and all staff in many aspects of school life as they continue to provide a caring, challenging and inclusive environment for all children.


I am the mother of the current School Manager.

November 2015 November 2023

Mrs Nicola Lilley (Parent)

I am a parent of a child in school and am passionate about the governance of the school.

Oct 2016

Oct 2020

Mrs Emma Monaghan (Staff)

I have worked as a TA at Arnold Mill for a number of years and currently work in class 1c with year 2 children.  

Sept 2017 Sept 2021

Mrs Jade Needham (Parent)


Nov 2018 Nov 2022

Mr David Shreeves. (Community)


June 2018 June 2022


 Governor Attendance Registers