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Staff Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher

Mrs Jackie Oldfield

Deputy Head Teacher  

Mr Gary Barwell 

Assistant Head Teacher and Early Years Lead 

Ms Jayne Ward 

Senior Leadership Team - the key roles within school that lead the strategic direction

Mrs Jackie Oldfield

Head Teacher


Mr Gary Barwell

Deputy Head Teacher 


Ms Jayne Ward 

Assistant Head Teacher and Early Years Lead/KS1 Lead


Mrs Holly Poundall

School Manager, Lead on Finance


Mrs Liz Anscombe



Mrs Carolyn White 

Lead TA (HLTA) and Assistant SENDCo


Mrs Sandra Moodie

Assessment Lead, KS2 English Lead


Mrs Kelly Bronwieska

Early Years/KS1 lead


Site Manager

Mr Nigel Knight


Care Assistant

Mrs Amanda Stones


Apprentice Care Assistant

Sophie Berry

Administration Team

Mrs Holly Poundall - School Manager

Mrs Anita Jackson - Office Manager

Mrs Karen Gibbs - Administrator

Mrs Jo Baldwin - Administrator

Foundation Team

Ms Jayne Ward - Foundation Stage Lead and F2 teacher

Miss Hannah Joynt - F2 Teacher

Miss Toni-Leigh Jones  - F1 Teacher

Mrs Liz Anscombe - F1 Teacher


Support Staff

Mrs Lisa Smith

Ms Carla Rose

Mrs Becky Cook

Miss Romany Spencer

Mrs Kerry Langford

Miss Alisha Markland



Key Stage One Team

Mrs Georgia Dibley  1A - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Hannah Leonard 1B - Year 1/2 Teacher

Mrs Katie Appleyard 1C - Year 2 Teacher




Support Staff

Mrs Emma Monaghan

Miss Laura McLean

Miss Lauren Buczko

Miss Rhiannon Winters

Miss Lauren McDermott

Key Stage Two Team

Mrs Lisa Keeton 2A - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Josie French 2A- Year 3 Teacher

Miss Laura Hillary 2B- Year 3/4 Teacher

Miss Lindsay Butler 2B - Year 3/4 Teacher

Mr Matt Booth 2C - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Sam Lloyd 2D Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Sandra Moodie 2D - Year 5 Teacher

Mr Tom Robinson 2E - Year 5/6 Teacher

Mr Gary Barwell 2F - Year 6 Teacher



Support Staff

Mrs Carolyn White HLTA, Lead TA

Mrs Sue Bullen HLTA

Mrs Karen Nunley HLTA

Ms Meena Rathore

Mrs Nancy Farag

Mrs Taz Hussain

Miss Jessica Barker 

Miss Lauren McDermott

Mrs Jo Nicholls



Mrs Sally Bennett - French/PPA Teacher 


Mr Liam Randall - PE Instructor

Mrs Ruth Greentree - PE Instructor


Mrs Sam Hopewell HLTA - Forest Schools/ELSA

The Governing Body of Arnold Mill Primary School (see the Governors section for more details)

Mrs Rosie Allen Chair of the Governing Body


Parent Governors

Mr Guy Heywood

Mrs Nicola Lilley

Mr Anthony Clarke


Local Authority or Community Governors

Mrs Karen Robinson

Mrs Joanne Murray

Mr David Shreeves


Staff Representatives

Mrs Sue Bullen

Mrs Emma Monaghan

Mrs Jackie Oldfield

Catering Team

Mrs Anne Knight - Cook Supervisor

Mrs Julie Barnes

Ms Steph Snowden

The Midday Supervisors Team

Mrs Stenna Johnson - Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Jo Baldwin 

Mrs Sue Dunstan
Mrs Tracey Richardson

Mrs Christina Bodycott
Mrs Nancy Farag
Mrs Claire Douthwaite

Miss Kylie Wildgust

Miss Nikki Tomlinson

Mrs Karen Allen

Mrs Stacey Hammans


Cleaning Team

Mrs. Karen Martin
Mrs. Christina Bodycott

Mrs. Steph Porter