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Don't forget that After School Clubs (excluding Boccia) finish this week - please see our website for the letter outlining which new Clubs are running after half term and how to apply for places.

PE Curriculum

PE & Sport Provision 2020-2021 - "Believe & Achieve"

Welcome to another exciting year of sport ahead at Arnold Mill Primary School. Our vision as a school is to provide our pupils with the very best education in all aspects of learning and this is certainly the case within our pupils PE lessons.


We aim to provide ALL children with wonderful opportunities to engage in a variety of physical activities. In addition to receiving 120 minutes of taught PE a week, we offer a range of different opportunities to be involved with sport and physical challenges. This includes our hugely successful "Daily Mile" run which includes all children setting themselves goals and striving to achieve these. 


Children in our school enjoy the physical challenges they are set and taking part in games and opportunities which are offered.

PE Curriculum - Skills Progression


We also offer an extensive range of after school clubs, for both Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils, to further enhance their participation and enjoyment of sport. 

Sports Leaders

Some pupils in year 5 are chosen and will be given the opportunity to take part in and 8-10 week course that will look at the skills required to be a sports leader. The pupils attending the course will work on theory based ideas initially before planning and leading practical sessions with the rest of the group. The ultimate aim of the group is for them to lead sessions to other pupils in school during breaks, lunch times and during PE lessons.


There are also points throughout the year that other children came become trained and can lead the games collaboratively with other Sports Leaders.