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Don't forget that After School Clubs (excluding Boccia) finish this week - please see our website for the letter outlining which new Clubs are running after half term and how to apply for places.

Class 2e

Welcome to Class 2E!


Mr Robinson and Mrs Bullen

On behalf of all the adults and pupils, welcome to our class.

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Summer Term Information


Happy Summer Term! Our new topic is the Mayans and Mexico. We will be having a Geography and History focus split over the two half terms. Please see our knowledge organiser below to see what sticky knowledge they need to retain. Our Science topic is about the Properties and changes of materials. We will be doing lots of fun investigations and again please find our knowledge organiser below to see what sticky knowledge children will need to retain. 

Spring Information


Our topic this term is split into two. During the first half term our topic is called 'Location, Location, Location'. We will be looking at two different countries. One being São Tomé and Príncipe and the other Croatia. To help support your children with this please look at our knowledge organisers below where they can look at their sticky knowledge and key vocabulary. In Science we will be looking at animals and humans (the knowledge organiser for this topic is below). Our key text this term is called 'The Man Who Walked the Wire' by Mordicai Gerstein. 


During the second half term our topic is 'Crime and Punishment' where we will have more of a History focus. More information to follow for this....


We love exploring and discovering new things, and each day we challenge ourselves to be a little bit better. We hope you enjoy looking at and reading about what we get up to, and hope you might learn something new too...

Class Information

Our topic this term is World War Two. Alongside this in Science we will also be learning about Light and Sound. You can find our knowledge organisers below to support you with your learning. We have a World War Two Hook Day on Monday 13th September 2021 and a trip booked to the Holocaust museum on the 24th November 2021. Sandwiched in between all of this is the Year 5 and 6 Residential Trip the week beginning the 4th October 2021. We look forward to working together to ensure we a have a fantastic year of learning. 

Plan for Home-Learning

If for whatever reason your child has to isolate at home, we will be using Microsoft Teams to set tasks for your child to complete at home. By using Teams, we will be able to receive work back and give feedback on the work attempted. 


Already, children have been given their logins and have had a number of times that they have logged on and found their way around the App. 


Please make sure you have downloaded the App (or use the Online version) and can access the work ASAP. 


Obviously we hope there will not be a need to use it for isolation purposes, but will be using it for setting homework and weekly spellings. 

Key Reminders


PE days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Spellings are given and tested on Wednesdays



  • We aim for every child to read at least three times a week, and in 2E, for the childrens' sakes, we very much see this as a minimum. Please sign planners, once you have heard your child read. If your child reads 3 times a week they will be rewarded with a green card. If your child is a fluent reader, they can read independently and get an adult to sign their diary to confirm this. We want to be reading champions every week so please help us as much as possible. 
  • Also, every time your child reads three times in one week, they will  get a square marked off on their challenge board at the back of their reading diary. An adult in school will sign and date this square. We will reward your child with reading pins (bronze, silver and gold) as they accumulate the required amount of squares.
  • A fun and worthwhile strategy is to share a reading session, perhaps taking a paragraph or page each. That way, your child hears a model reader!


Whole School Values

Each month, the whole school will focus on an aspect of British Values.

Children demonstrating behaviour linked to the value of the month can receive a value award in our 'Good book' assemblies. 

Educational Links


Children, below, are a selection of educational links that you can use to help you move forward even further in your learning.


Remember to always seek a trusted adult's permission to use the internet, and remember how your have been taught to be safe online.

Making Spellings Memorable

Maths Revision Games
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