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School is now closed for the Summer Holidays. We re-open on Thursday 3rd September 2020

Class 2b

     Welcome to Class 2B (Year 3/4)


Class Teachers:

Miss L Butler (Mon, Tues, Weds am) lbutler3@arnoldmill.notts.sch.uk

Miss L Hillary (Weds pm, Thurs, Fri) lhillary@arnoldmill.notts.sch.uk


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Hussain (Mon-Thurs)

Miss Barker (Fri)



Please to continue to work hard at home and try to complete these tasks as often as you can:


  • Reading at home at least 3 times a week (it would be a nice idea to read to younger siblings or Facetime relatives and friends who you are unable to see and read to them) - you could read your reading book, cookery books, menus, leaflets, magazines or appropriate internet research.
  • Work on your times tables (TT Rockstars)
  • Learn your spellings (Remember to go back over the ones we have already done too!)
  • Access the Summer Holiday catch up lessons below when you are able



Update 23.7.20

  • We have added a new tab to our 'Daily Lessons' section called 'Summer Holiday Catch Up Lessons' - in here you will find a link to a website that contains lots of progressive videos and activities to help prepare you for your return to school in September! There are instructions at the bottom of the webpage that help direct you to where to begin.

Update 15.7.20

  • Have you completed any work on our Boat Journeys topic work this week? There are lots of fun activities for you to try at home just like the children who are in school.
  • You have been set some new games on Classroom Secrets including some exciting History activities! Can you challenge your friends? Who can get the highest score? So far Nathan is winning having passed his Week 1 Maths, SPAG AND Reading! Well done Nathan!

Update 9.7.20

  • Now that you've all received your new Classroom Secrets login, why not have a look on the Classroom Secrets Kids website at the work we have set for you and the games you can play to help your home learning experience? There are weekly programmes for Maths, SPAG and Reading!
  • Have you had a look at the Topical Tuesday article for today? We think you will enjoy the writing activity. You have to create an advert to encourage people to take a holiday to your own house! The best part is, you can be as silly or sensible as you like with your advert. Please send us a copy if you create one - we could both do with a holiday away from our own homes right now!

Update 29.6.20

  • Who's up for this year's Library Summer Reading Challenge? Be sure to check your emails for an email about how to get involved! We have also included a Powerpoint explaining the process in the 'Reading and Writing' page of our Home Learning section. Good luck!
  • Good news alert! The Kindness Calendar is back! Click on the PSHE section above to see the calendar for this week, all about Kindness Poems. It  would be great if you have a go at writing a poem, as we only had a small amount of time to cover poetry when we were in school.

Update 23.6.20

  • This term we would have been learning all about 'Electricity' together. If you go to the Science section of Home Learning, there are lots of really informative lessons and  resources for you to have a go at. You don't even need to buy any bulbs, batteries and wires to test your knowledge- there's a great online interactive circuit builder link at the top! Can you build a working circuit and light the bulb up?
  • Have you been completing the daily lessons linked above? Please remember that for a lot of these lessons, even the ones that have worksheets like the White Rose Maths lessons, you do not need to use a printer. You can read the questions on screen and answer them in a notebook of your own or even answer them verbally. It is more important that you take part in the lesson, not how you record it. We would love to receive examples of your maths learning so don't forget to email us what you have been doing.
  • For more non-screen activities, take a look at these ideas - https://medium.com/pobble/even-more-simple-and-fun-non-screen-activities-that-children-can-do-at-home-cee4b5132857

Update 17.6.20

  • This week is Refugee Week (15th-21st June). Take a look  at the activities in the 'Special Celebration Days' and PSHE Kindness section on how we can help make our world a kinder place.

Update 10.6.20

  • We have added lots of lessons to our 'History' folder on the topic we would have been studying this term: 'Ancient Egypt' as well as more activities on The Iron Man in the English file. There are also new spelling and Maths challenges on Sumdog.
  • We have added a link to Mrs Bennett's Modern Foreign Languages page, where you can access home learning for French. It is in the home learning section below.

Update 8.6.20

  • Have you tried any of the activities from The Kindness Calendar in the PSHE section of Home Learning yet? If not, we recommend that you have a look this week, as it is all music related and we think you will love it! Once you get to the PSHE page, scroll right down to the bottom to see the weekly calendars. 

Update 3.6.20

  • We have set some super Sumdog challenges for you this week! Why not have a go at the Bitesize Fractions lessons and then test your knowledge on the Sumdog Maths Challenge? You have 2 weeks to perfect that score! There is also a grammar competition running for the next week.
  • Friday 5th June is World Environment Day - head to the 'Special Celebration Days' page of the Home Learning section to find some fun activities on caring for the environment.

Update 2.6.20

  • The Topical Tuesday section of home learning has been updated with 5 new news stories. These are really good for keeping you up to date with recent news and also give you the chance to practise your writing skills, with different writing activity suggestions. 

Update 1.6.20

We hope you enjoyed a lovely half term break!

  • The new BBC Bitesize timetable for this week has been updated in the BBC Bitesize section. You will notice that the focus for maths this week is Fractions. This would be a unit of work worth investing your time in, as fractions is an area that we could do with some extra revision on. Remember, there are lesson plans for this on the maths page.

Update 18.5.20

  • In our PE section of home learning, we have added a booklet called The Joy of Moving. There are some great ideas for PE at home in there so please take a look.
  • Speaking of moving - did you know that this week should have been National Walk to School Week? We obviously can't do that now but why not try some of these challenges whilst you are out walking with your families?


  • We have added a new art competition today, with some great prizes up for grabs. See the competitions page for more details.
  • We have added more ideas for outdoor learning in our outdoor activities page.

Update 13.5.20

  • Fancy earning yourself a Blue Peter Badge? Take a look at all of the information you may need in the 'Class Challenges' section. We have also uploaded a grammar challenge on Sumdog this week so go on, challenge your friends to a competition!

Update 8.5.20

  • In the Reading and Writing page of the Home Learning section, we have added an online link to the exciting book 'The Iron Man' which we would have been reading together in class. There are also lots of brilliant activities to test your reading, writing, drama and DT skills on there - take a look! There are also some new weekly challenges in the Challenge section and some new spelling and maths challenges on Sumdog.


Class 2B - Please remember to stay safe and look after each other.


Remember to follow the rules we made in the class rap we wrote together:


A Little Bit of Faith


Let’s all remember to keep our hands clean,

It’s so important, do you know what I mean?

Rinse with water then squirt with soap,

Wash them thoroughly so germs can’t cope.

Into your elbow is where you cough,

Then clean your clothes to wash the germs off.

Please don’t panic, please stay safe,

Let’s have hope and a little bit of faith.




Summer Term Overview

Our Learning

Shining Star -                                 

                                                Our Shining Stars are...

                                                             All of Class 2B!


For all being so resilient, hard working, positive and always making the adults in 2B smile! We are very proud of each and every one of you. Great job 2B!



Spring Term

Please click the document below to view our learning for this term.



If you would like to continue to work on your map reading skills at home take a look at Map Zone -




Useful information for this half term

Year 4 Swimming

Year 4 swimming starts on Friday 6th March. Further details are in the letter that was sent home, which can also be found in the letters section of the school website.




  • P.E for 2B is on a Monday afternoon and Friday morning.  Please can you ensure your child has both their summer and winter kit in school including suitable footwear as they will be doing some sessions indoors and others outdoors. Please make sure ALL P.E kit is labelled and studded earrings are either removed or tape is brought in to cover them safely.


Music Lessons


  • If your child plays a musical instrument, please remember to bring it in on the day of their lesson. 


Reading at home


  • Please read at home with your child at least 3 times a week- it really makes a difference! smiley (Green Cards and a stamp on the reading challenge are rewarded every Friday morning for that week and we count weeks from Friday-Friday to include the weekend)




  • Children in Year 3 and 4 are set weekly spellings to practise at home which will be stuck in  their diary on a Friday and link to the spelling rule learnt that week. Please ensure you look over their spellings regularly as taking the time to learn these will greatly affect their achievement and confidence in their weekly spelling test which takes place on a Thursday. 


Times tables

  • Each week on a Monday, children will have a timed times tables test. Across the school, the children are working on a progressive new system which involves practising old times tables as well as introducing new ones. The children will begin on Bronze, and once they score full marks on all 40 questions involving multiplication and division, they will move onto Silver, and so on. The children all have a login for Timestables Rockstars and this links with the test they are set at school so practising on here at home will be helpful.  Please see the attachments below to see the structure of the times tables tests your child will be learning. 

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 11th February 2020


For Safer Internet Day, we made predictions about a text using this image. We thought of and discussed a lot of important words that might give us clues about the story - predator, prey, danger, suspicious!


We then read Chicken Clicking, where the main character makes lots of mistakes online; including using someone else's identity to buy things, posting personal details online and arranging to meet someone she had met online, without telling an adult. We talked about why these things are wrong and what she should have done instead.



We then created TV news reports to ensure that other people are aware of the dangers of not being careful online.

English Focus

Still image for this video
This half term, our English focus is based around the story The Silent Blue Book. You can watch it here!
What do you think the meaning of the story is?