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Class 2a

Class 2A


Mrs Keeton (Class teacher - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) lkeeton@arnoldmill.notts.sch.uk 

Mrs French (Class teacher - Thursday and Friday) jfrench@arnoldmill.notts.sch.uk

Mrs Nicholls (Teaching assistant- all week)



To keep up to date with your child's education, here are some ideas of activities you can complete at home. 

Please continue to:

  • Read at home three times a week
  • Practise your times tables
  • Learn the year 3/4 spellings


Also remember:

  • Active Learn - for maths
  • Times Tables Rock stars-


You could also practise learning to read and tell the time.


Easter Activities

It is almost time for Easter.


Here are some activities you could do at home:

  • Find out why Christians celebrate Easter.
  • Bake some Easter treats.
  • Go on a spring scavenger hunt - make a list of everything you find to do with spring.
  • Have an egg hunt around the house or in the garden.
  • Decorate an egg and have an egg rolling competition with your family.


White Rose Home Learning

' A new maths lesson everyday'

If you visit the following website whiterosemaths.com click the tab that says home learning. You will find daily content which will support your child's learning in maths. This website follows the maths objectives which your child should be currently learning.

While you are not at school, if you need any help understanding something, just send me an email.

Email us photos of your home-learning so we can share them with each other.

Please contact me if you need any advice.


We completed three walks around Arnold which linked with our topic work in History and Geography. During our walks we stopped and sketched different buildings.

In our art lessons, we have looked at different paintings by L.S Lowry. First we sketched some of the buildings from his pictures in our sketch books. We then used chalk pastels and charcoal to create our own street scene with different buildings.

Please take a look at our display.


Picture 1

Children in Need 2019 - Silly hair and silly hats

Children in Need 2019 - Silly hair and silly hats 1

We have been enjoying finding out about Arnold this term.

We have enjoyed measuring during our Maths lessons.

Autumn Term 2019


History and Geography - This term the children will be completing a Local Study on Arnold. We will be following the Arnold Town Trail and observing how Arnold has changed from a rural settlement to a modern town. The study will focus on buildings, industry, shops and leisure. The topic will enable children to develop their fieldwork and research skills.


 Mathematics - The children will develop their skills in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in problem solving activities. They will develop their understanding of the number system and counting. The children will also focus on learning their times tables and there will be a weekly timed test. Throughout the year the main focus will be on the concept of representation in Maths. Children will be encouraged to use apparatus and show their methods of working out. They will also learn the vocabulary associated with the number operations.


   English – The children will have a daily lesson which will have a different focus including:

  • Handwriting – children will practise the correct letter formation which will lead to them joining their handwriting in a cursive style.
  • Reading – Children will read one to one with an adult and also in guided reading groups. Guided reading involves the children reading alongside an adult in small groups and sometimes they will also have opportunities to read independently. They will complete activities which help them to develop the skills of decoding and comprehension. The following skills will also be embedded in these sessions; retrieval, inference, deduction and prediction.
  • Grammar and Punctuation – The teaching of Grammar and Punctuation is important to the development of children’s writing skills. It is often taught as a separate lesson with exercises and drills. This term the children will focus on full stops and capital letters; conjunctions; question marks; adjectives; pronouns; conjunctions to express time; past tense; prepositions; speech marks and verbs.
  • Spelling – the children will follow a structured spelling programme and will bring home spellings to learn each week.
  • Writing – children will have lots of opportunities to practise their writing skills. We will sometimes make cross-curricular links with other subjects.


 Science - The topic for the first half term is ‘Moving and growing’. Children will learn how the skeleton is related to movement and support in humans. They will also look at what happens to the skeleton and muscles as they move. They will also compare human bones and skeletons with those of other animals. The topic for the second half term is ‘Teeth’. Children will identify different types of teeth in humans and their functions. The children will also be learning about the digestive system in humans. In our science work, there will be lots of opportunities for practical activities and scientific investigations.


Art- The focus is on ‘Moving Figures’ and ‘Cityscapes’. This work will also link to our History, Geography and Science topics. The children will have the opportunity to study the work of L.S. Lowry during our work on ‘Cityscapes’.


 French - Children will be completing a unit of work called ‘All About Me’. This unit focuses on the children learning to introduce themselves and recognise words for family members. They will also learn to count numbers up to 12 and learn to say how old they are. Poems and songs will also be used to aid children’s learning in French.


PE- This term all the children will be participate in football, Invasion Games, athletics and handball.


RE -The theme this first half term is Symbolism and Religious expression with a particular focus on Islam and Christianity. We will be exploring what it means to be a pilgrim and why people go on pilgrimages. We will be comparing pilgrimages undertaken by Muslims and Christians.

The second half term theme is Religion, Family and Community and the focus will be on Hinduism and Christianity. We will be finding out about the meanings of stories, symbols and actions used in Hindu worship and celebrations. Children will be encouraged to ask questions and express and communicate their understanding about festivals. We will look at how Christians celebrate Christmas with a specific focus on ‘light’. Children will be encouraged to express their ideas about the meaning of light in the narrative of Jesus birth. We will also look at how artists have used different effect is their paintings to show how angels and Jesus are significant.


Computing – In Computing, the children will learn what computers do, how they work, as well as some of the computing technical vocabulary and definitions. The children will also practise their word processing skills and become more familiar with the tools within ‘Word’ and will learn how to keep themselves safe online.



PSCHE We will focus on rules, rights and responsibilities starting with creating a set of rules for our classes. We will discuss respect and tolerance and also learn about keeping ourselves healthy. Lessons will also include learning how to keep safe online and allow children to develop basic first aid skills.

Autumn Term Reminders

PE The children will have PE on a Monday afternoon and a Thursday morning. Please can they ensure they have their PE kit in school at all times.


Daily MileThe children will be taking part in the daily mile every afternoon playtime.



  • If your child reads 3 times a week they will be rewarded with a green card.
  • Every time your child reads three times in one week, they will also get a square marked off on their challenge board. An adult in school will sign and date this square. This can be found at the back of their reading diary. We will reward your child with reading pins (bronze, silver and gold) in a 'reading achievement' assembly.


Times Tables

The children will revisit their 2, 5 and 10 times tables which they will have practised in Key Stage 1. This half term they will also learn their 3 times tables. Each week the children will have a  timed test and the challenge will be to try and improve their scores and aim to get them all correct.












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