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SATs results 2016:


 Writing 76% age related

Reading 49% age related

Maths 59% age related

 GPS (Grammar, punctuation and spelling) 64% age related.

The percentage of children who reached age related expectations in all three subjects (reading, writing and maths) combined was 38%.

 You will appreciate that these are lower than normal; however, schools are reporting that this is due to the increased difficulty of the tests this year.

Children were awarded a scaled score in each of the tests. The scaled score range runs from 80-120 with 100 as the expected standard.

Our average scaled scores:

Reading  98.4 compared to 103 nationally. 

Grammar Punctuation and Spelling 101 compared to 104 nationally.

Maths 100 compared to 103 nationally. 


A high level of attainment was fixed at a scaled score of 110. 

In reading 5% of our children scored a high level of attainment. In writing 13% achieved this and in  Maths 8%. 




Despite the lower SATs results, we are pleased to report that under the new progress measures, we have exceeded the expectations for progress in writing and maths and met expectations in reading.

Schools progress scores for reading, writing and maths are calculated as its pupils’ average progress scores. This means that school level progress scores will be presented as positive and negative numbers, either side of 0.

Therefore, a score of 0 means that pupils in this school on average do about as well at KS2 as those with similar KS1 scores.

A positive score means that pupils are doing better on average than those with similar KS1 scores.

A negative score means that pupils are not doing as well as those with similar KS1 scores.

Our progress scores were:

Writing +3.3

Maths +0.1

Reading -0.7

This year, a school is working above government expectations if its progress scores fall above -5 in reading and maths and -7 in writing.

We are very pleased that our children have made very good progress from their starting point at the end of Year 2.

Please find below important documents and information about our school.

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