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Class 1a

Welcome to Class 1A

Mrs Breedon kbreedon@arnoldmill.notts.sch.uk - Class Teacher

Mrs Monaghan - Teaching Assistant

Miss Butler lbutler3@arnoldmill.notts.sch.uk - Intervention Teacher (Mon, Tues, Weds am)

Mr Dickinson wdickinson@arnoldmill.notts.sch.uk - Intervention Teacher (Weds pm, Thurs, Fri)



Here is an overview of our learning this term.

The children are already very excited about helping Traction Man on his missions!



Click here for printable version

Our Shining Star this week is:         


For being a good friend.




British Values


Each month, the whole school will focus on an aspect of British Values.

During January we are all thinking about the value of .




We are pleased to announce that our school councillors are


Ava-Olivia and Will






Arnold Mill are part of a project called Polli:Nation. This is a UK wide initiative supporting pupils from 260 schools to turn their school grounds and other local walk-to spaces into pollinator friendly habitats. To find out more follow the link http://www.polli-nation.co.uk/


Polli-Nation are teaming up with the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew's Grow Wild to promote their unique offer of FREE native wild flower seeds, click here to register for your FREE seed packet and sow wildflower seeds at home this autumn. This offer ends at midnight on Sunday 9 October 2016