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Keeping in Touch

Class 2D may be apart, but we can keep in touch on this page. If I get any messages (or photos - as long as you are allowed to have them on this page), I will pass them on...


 Hi Everyone,
I have just been looking through all your amazing work, videos and photos. I am really impressed by your imagination, creativity and hard work. Well done. Whilst I've been at home I have been doing a lot of cooking and baking although not always successfully. I have been reading every day, trying to learn all the countries in the world plus their capital cities and got very frustrated over a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle! I also had a visit from a tiny little garden bird, I think it was a Goldcrest, that danced on my windowsill for nearly an hour!!
Stay safe everyone, Mrs Murray.



Hi everyone I hope your all ok, I’m missing you all so much
I can’ t wait until our life’s go back to normal
Take care stay safe

 May 2020: Reilly and his brothers have some new additions in the family to help look after! Cuties!
Picture 1


20/3/20:  Katie says, 'Hi!'

24/3/20: Eden says, 'Hi!'

31/3/20: Zach says hi and that he hopes everyone is well and staying safe.

31/ 3/20 Grace says hello to everyone x

3/4/20 :Hi everyone!

Just out on an afternoon walk 😀🌲🌻.

Miss you all!

Love Luan x

3/4/20: Eden says - ' I did the matchbox challenge and got 25 because I had a small matchbox .'

Did anyone get more?


15/04/20 Charley-Alarna Croft:

I hope you are all safe and well. I received you’re e-mail yesterday of the daily challenges and I am sharing with you my day 1 challenge. At 5pm I had dinner, We had cheese pizza. Here’s is my picture and I look forward to sharing a few more with you.


16/4/20 Grace says::

I just wanted to show you one of my pictures this is what makes me smile and a photo of 5pm.   Also my mum has managed to get me an egg and wondered if I decorate it today can I send you a picture if it? 

Hope you are well love Grace 

Of course! That would be lovely, Grace. Mrs M x

29/04/20: Isabel has been in touch:

'Hi everyone! How are you? Hope you are well.

2/5/20: Katherine and Lizzie have been in touch:

Hello everybody, we are missing you all!  We've been out in the garden a lot.  How are you all doing?

Hope that you are both well, Lizzie and Katherine! We're missing you, too - so much! xxx Mrs. M. x

5/5/20 Isabel:

Me and my family just recently got an allotment and we have planted : six strawberries, two small patches of peas, a patch of climbing beans, and in the green house we have planted lettuce, radish, beans,some sunflowers (seedlings). We also have tried to redo the path because it was all wonky.and it looks nicer now. we have only done half of the path.

That's fantastic! I'm growing tomatoes, okra, chilies and cucumbers. Fun, isn't it? Mrs M x

11/05/2020 Kyle has sent a message:

Hi! Hope everyone is ok. I've been working on my school work.
Good for you, Kyle; lovely to hear from you. Mrs M. x