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Week 1- 1st June

The Snail and the Whale



Floating and Sinking Investigation

With our theme this week being ‘The Snail and the Whale’, we thought it would be fun to investigate which objects can float or sink in water. Before starting the activity, talk with your child about:

  • What do you think happens if an object floats on water?                                            It stays on top of the water.  
  • What do you think happens if an object sinks in water?                               It goes to the bottom.

Explain that usually if something is heavy it will sink and if something is light it will float, however this doesn’t always happen. That is why we need to investigate!

Here is a song about floating and sinking that you might like to listen to:



Next, search around your house or garden to find some objects e.g. toy, coin, stone or stick. Before putting them in the water, ask your child to hold each object to feel the weight and think about if it is going to float or sink. Can they talk about why they think that?

Then find somewhere to do your investigation. It could be in a bowl, sink, bath or paddling pool! Fill it with a suitable amount of water and then ask your child to put an object in the water and ask what they can see. Encourage them to use the vocabulary float and sink.

Ask the children why they think the object has floated/sunk?  Did they guess correctly?



Can they record which objects floated or sunk?

This could either be done as a list or by drawing pictures of the objects. Here is an example of a simple table you might like to use:

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