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School is now closed for the Summer Holidays. We re-open on Thursday 3rd September 2020

Week 8- 20th July

Ten Little Robots


This week's activities are based around the story 'Ten Little Robots' by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty. Have a look below at the tasks we would like you to try this week. 


Click on the link below to hear the story being read. Make sure you listen to the story before doing your tasks. 





Task 1

What is a Robot?

This week our story is all about robots. 

Have you seen a robot before? You might have seen one in a storybook, on the TV or when you have visited somewhere. 


Think and talk about these questions with your grown-up:

  • What do you think a robot looks like?
  • What are they made from?
  • What do you think robots do?


Watch the video below to learn more about robots.



Real-Life Robots

Now you have watched the video, think about the previous questions again and talk about the new facts have you learned about robots. 


Also, were you surprised that a robot doesn't always look like the ones from our story this week? They can come in all different shapes and sizes and sometimes they don't look how we think they do.

Task 2

Design your own Robot

Look at the picture of the robots from the story below. 

  • What do you notice about the robots?
  • How are they all different?

I can see lots of different shapes.

  • Are they 2D shapes or 3D shapes?
  • How can you tell?
  • Can you name some of them?

If you're not sure then perhaps you can find the answer out with your grown-up.



Don't forget to give your robot a name once you have made it and we would love to see a photo!


Task 3

All About your Robot


Now you have made your robot we would love to hear all about it!

Have a go at writing short sentences about what your robot looks like or what it can do. If you want to you could write about both things. 

E.g. My robot is blue.

My robot goes to space.

My robot has longs legs and jumps high.


Don't forget to use fred talk to help you to hear the sounds in the word and don't worry if you don't know all of the sounds just write the ones you can hear. 



Can you move like a Robot?

How does a robot move?

Are they fast or slow?

Can they move easily or is tricky for them?

Stand up and show your grown-up how you think a robot moves! 


Do they make any noises? Can you make noises like a robot?


Let's have some fun and see if you can do the funky robot!


Do the Funky Robot - Robot Dance Kids Song

Below are some extra fun activities that you might like to have a go at: