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Week 6- 6th July

The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet!


This week's activities are based around the story 'The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet by' by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter. Have a look below at the tasks we would like you to try this week. Don't forget to check the maths section for the White Rose daily math tasks linked to this text too.

Task 1

Healthy and Unhealthy Foods

Last week we began learning about what foods we need to eat to have a healthy balanced diet. Look at the picture below again. Can you remember the names of the foods groups we eat or why we need that food?

Here is a list if you can't remember:

  • Fruit and vegetables-  gives vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy and fight off illnesses
  • Carbohydrates- give us energy
  • Dairy- helps keep our bones and teeth strong (These are healthy for us but we shouldn't each too much)
  • Protein- help our bodies to grow (These are healthy for us but we shouldn't each too much)
  • Sugars and fats- ok to have every so often as a treat, but too many can make us feel tired and not very good


Foods that we can eat more such as fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates are healthier for us because it gives our bodies the energy and nutrients (vitamins and minerals) it needs.

However, foods that contain lots of fat and sugar are unhealthy for us because too much is not good for our bodies and can make us feel tired. 


Now, look at the photos of the different foods and drinks below or perhaps you would like to do this activity with food from your kitchen.    Sort the food into 2 different groups:              

1. Foods that are healthy for us

2. Foods that are unhealthy for us

When sorting the food into these groups, encourage your child to talk about how much of these foods we should eat e.g. lots, a little bit or as a treat.


Don't forget to use the Eatwell plate picture above to help you.

Task 2

Can you make lunch for Dinosaur?

Oh no! Danny has forgotten to take Dinosaur’s lunch box into space. Quick before dinosaur eats everything can you make a packed lunch for him? Remember to make sure he is having a balanced diet!


Think about all of the different foods we have been learning about:

  • Can you remember which foods we can eat a lot of?
  • Which foods are ok to eat every so often?
  • Which foods should we have as a treat?


You can make Dinosaur's lunch any way you like. Here are some ideas below. Choose which one suits you best:

  • Draw an oblong on a piece of paper to be Dinosaur’s lunch box. Then draw the foods inside the lunch box you are going to pack. 
  • Make a lunch box for Dinosaur using a cardboard box or use a lunch box you have at home and use play food.
  • You could print off this activity below and stick the pictures of the food you would like to give Dinosaur. 

Don't forget to label the food so Dinosaur knows what he is eating.

Task 3

Can you create your own planet?

In the story, Dinosaur created a poo planet as he was flying back down to Earth!

We would like you to be imaginative and create your very own planet that you would like to be in space. You can do this any way you would like to with the materials you have at home.

You might like to draw your ideas and use crayons and felt tips or you could use cardboard boxes, paint, playdough, paper plates or anything else you have to hand.


When creating your planet think about:

  • What shape do you want it to be?
  • How big is your planet going to be?
  • What is your planet made from?  E.g. rock, fire, ice, sweets, cheese.
  • What colours can we see on your planet?
  • Does anything live on your planet? E.g. aliens, dinosaurs, people, flowers.


Don’t forget to think of a name for your planet once it is finished!


Once you have made your planet we would love to share it with everyone. Please send a picture to your teacher and we will put it on the website so all of your friends can see it.