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School is now closed for the Summer Holidays. We re-open on Thursday 3rd September 2020

Week 5 - 18th May

This week we would like the children to have a go at growing something at home. If they are able to grow something that they can then eat, such as cress, it would be great. However, we understand that this may be difficult so we have some easier suggestions below. 

Some of the children have already been growing herbs, beans and sunflowers and we have enjoyed looking at their pictures.

The important learning objective is that the children should understand that seeds/plants need certain conditions to grow. 

Plants need water, warmth, food and sunlight for healthy growth.

If you would like to extend this learning you can set up some simple tests by placing some seeds in the fridge or in a dark place. What will happen to seeds that aren't given water?

Below there is a link to a bbc bitesize clip. This is for KS1, however we feel that it is also appropriate for Foundation Stage.