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Week 2 - 27th April

We hope you enjoyed watching the farm animals last week. This week we want you to have a think about the farmer and how he looks after the animals. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Why does the farmer keep cows?

Why does he keep chickens?

What does the farmer do to look after his animals?

On the film clip below you can watch Barnaby Bear help the farmer with some of his jobs.

Most of us use the milk the farmer gets from his cows. We may have it delivered by the milkman or buy it from the shop.

Cows milk is not always good for everyone. It can give them a tummy ache. Some people buy other types of milk, such as soya milk. This week's task is to prepare a milky drink with whichever type of milk you drink at home.

You can make a really healthy drink or make it a treat.

Here is another task for you to do

A farmer has lots of jobs to do on a farm. Play the game below and have a go at doing some of them.