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Topic Work

Rainforests Mini-Project

Rainforests Mini-Project 1

Make a topic book with written information, diagrams, photos, drawings and answers to the following questions:


  1. What is a rainforest?
  2. Make a list of ‘Top 10’ rainforest facts.
  3. Use Google Maps / the internet - mark on a map where rainforests are located around the world (see blank map below)
  4. What is the largest rainforest in the world? Where is it?
  5. The rainforest habitat has 4 layers. What are they called? Can you describe each layer?
  6. Produce a diagram showing the layers of a rainforest

What lives in a rainforest?

  1. Make a list of animals and reptiles that live in rainforest habitats.
  2. Make a list of insects that live in rainforest habitats.
  3. Make a list of trees and plants that grow in rainforest habitats.

Rainforests and us

  1. Make a list of foods and materials that we get from rainforests.
  2. Why are rainforests getting smaller?
  3. Make a poster to help save the rainforests.
  4. Make 'Trump' cards about rainforest animals (e.g. speed, size, diet etc)
  5. Take photos of wildlife that lives in your garden/ local area
  6. Sketch trees and plants in your garden/ local area
  7. Watch (or read) 'Jungle Book'

These are questions linked to different subject areas in Science