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Story time

If you are missing our story times in class, why not listen to an audio story? There are so many wonderful stories to choose from on this website (the elementary section would be best for your age group). It would also be a perfect opportunity for you to give the adults in your house a well deserved break and have some quiet time alone. Just click the link at the bottom of this page to access the audio library.


Miss Butler's first recommendation (knowing how much 2b love funny stories) is Kid Normal by Greg James and Chris Smith.

Here is the blurb if you are interested:


Murph Cooper has a problem.

His new school is top secret, and super weird. His classmates can all fly or control the weather or conjure tiny horses from thin air. And what's Murph's extraordinary skill? Um, oh yeah – he hasn't got one.

Just as well there are no revolting supervillains lurking nearby, their minds abuzz with evil plans. There are!? Right. Ok, then...

It's time for Kid Normal to become a hero!