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Girls' football matches on Monday 7th and Thursday 10th October are both cancelled

SSJ - School Sports Journalists

As sport continues to grow and develop here at Arnold Mill we are proud to announce that 2 of our year 6 pupils will be reporting on sporting events and competitions over the next year. They have been chosen by our SSOC and are very excited about this opportunity. The reports and photos they take at each event will be displayed on the website to keep all staff, pupils and visitors up to date with all the fantastic sporting achievements of the pupils here at Arnold Mill.  

School Sport Journalist 2015-2016

PE Apprentice Interview

Our 2 new school sport journalists were given the task to prepare and interview Mr Raynor, our School PE Apprentice. To read the full interview please click on the document below


Mr Raynor has provided the journalists with a statement about his first few months as a school apprentice. His statement is also below

Field Trip to Nottingham Post Newspaper - 2015

In March our journalists continued their development by visiting a local newspaper to learn about sports editing. They will take part in various opportunities and will be given the task of writing a report upon their return to school. This was a fantastic opportunity for these pupils and we know from their feedback that they enjoyed the experience.


Please find below two articles about the trip