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SPACE 29.6.20 - 10.7.20

A Mini Project About … SPACE!



From Monday 29th June, our children in school will be spending the fortnight learning about Space and so we would also like our home learners to discover the same interesting facts. Here are a list of lesson ideas for different subjects within the curriculum. Choose one or two a day and see what you can discover, create and learn. This work will be completed over the next two weeks in school, so please take your time and do not feel that you have to complete all of it at home, as we know you are also accessing other work through White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize. Please send us examples of your amazing work. We would love to have a 'Space Gallery' on our class page. Remember that most of the worksheets do not need printing - you can read them online and then write on your own paper or answer any questions verbally.


Narrative Writing Ideas

These ideas are related to our text for the topic 'The Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers. 

Open the document below to read the story.


  • Draw a story map or story mountain to sequence the key events of ‘The Way Back Home’. (See story mountain sheet)  
  • Complete 8 sentences to retell the story. (See retell sheet for sentence starters) 
  • Create an emotions graph to show the feelings of the boy throughout the story. (See emotions sheet)  
  • What would the characters say to one another when meeting for the first time? Write some dialogue using correct speech punctuation. (See dialogue sheet)  
  • Write an alternative resolution or ending to the story.  
  • Write a sequel to the story. Does the boy visit the Martian again? Could the Martian ask the boy for help on his planet?  
  • Write a character description of the boy and/or the Martian.  
  • Write a diary entry as if you are the boy / the Martian 
  • Write a letter or postcard from the boy to the Martian.  
  • Write a holiday brochure page persuading people to book a holiday on a different planet.  
  • Write an alternative version with two different main characters. What problem might they face? What does the boy travel in? Does the Martian take the main character to their planet? (See boxed-up plan sheet). Once you have planned your story, use the narrative writing checklist and word banks to help you write the story.  

Other Narrative Writing Ideas

  • Beyond the Stars - Story starter and planning sheet (p3-4, 'Creative Ideas About Space' booklet)
  • Space Poetry (p5-6, 'Creative Ideas About Space' booklet)

Handwriting Ideas

Have a go at writing this song in your neatest handwriting, remembering to use the correction letter formation that you have been taught in school. 

Science /Non-narrative Writing Ideas

  • What is in our Solar System? Watch planet song for kids on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t099KIWVVs. Make notes as you are listening to pick out key facts. Create a fact file, PowerPoint or poster outlining the information you have gathered. Use http://www.spaceopedia.com/ too.  

  • What is life like in space? Imagine you were taking a journey into space. What would you take with you? Why? (Read about the experiences of an astronaut here: https://www.dkfindout.com/uk/space/life-in-space/ to help answer). 

  • How did SpaceX make history recently? Write newspaper report about the event (See information on Newsround - SpaceX docks to ISS: Nasa astronauts land safely and make history) https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52526849

  • Space Quiz – research answers online ,if you can (p10 ‘Creative Ideas About Space’ booklet) 

Reading Ideas

  • Answer and discuss the questions about our story 'The Way Back Home'
  • Complete a Space reading comprehension - remember you do not have to print these papers.

Maths Problem Solving Ideas

  • Have a go at solving these Space related problems. The questions get trickier with each sheet so try completing the ones you feel comfortable with first, then see if you can challenge yourself with the next sheet.


Remember to continue with the daily White Rose Learning, alongside these problem solving activities. 

History Idea

  • When did space travel begin? Complete timeline of space travel (see timeline sheet). 

Geography Idea

  • Look at images of Earth from Space – can you late any of the continents / countries?  

Art/DT Ideas

Music /Yoga Ideas

Videos about Space

You could use these as part of your research on Space and to find out new facts to share with family and friends. 

Space related episodes: