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Pollination Project


Arnold Mill as a school has received some funding for successfully being a part of the Polli:Nation Project.

We are one, out of a cluster of schools in our area (Richard Bonnington Primary, Derrymount and The Redhill Academy) and we will be working alongside these schools for this project. The idea is that eventually we will create a 'bee friendly corridor' between all four schools. We are focussing specifically on improving the environment for the Tree Bumble Bee but all Pollinators will hopefully benefit from this project.  

We also want to raise awareness of the importance of Pollinators and ensure that we are helping the survival of our Bees as these are at risk of becoming endangered.


On Friday, 5 children accompanied Mrs Bullen to the Nottingham Girls High School to take part in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) event. This event was also attended by 13 other Nottingham primary and Junior schools.

The purpose of the trip was to raise awareness of the Bumble Bee and to design and create a Bee Hotel that we can use successfully in our school grounds. As Bees are efficient and excellent engineers our team of 5 had their work cut out for them. 

They started off with a short welcome activity where they could design a Bee or a bag before beginning on their Hotel design. We even had a birthday celebrated! 

The children constructed their design and it will be displayed at the Nottingham Girls High School's Big Draw Exhibition. NGHS will then deliver the Bee hotel to our school.