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Spring Term P.E


This term, we are continuing to learn about different ways of moving and travelling along apparatus safely. We have learned how to hold our arms out to help us balance. When jumping off apparatus, we have learned to make sure we bend our knees when we land. We have also been focusing on different ways of rolling as well, such as pencil rolls and teddy bear rolls. 

Autumn Term P.E


During our first half term we have been learning all about spaces and different ways of travelling around the hall. We played a variety of games, such as the bean game and the traffic light game, to learn how to travel around safely, keeping our heads up and looking ahead and how to follow different instructions. The children enjoyed learning these different skills and putting them into practise in a variety of different ways. 


We were also very lucky to have a tennis coach come in and teach a lesson. We learned all about bouncing, rolling and catching a tennis ball and how to hold our rackets correctly. The children walked around the hall using their rackets to roll and control their tennis ball,  stopping it when the whistle was blown. Then, in pairs they rolled their tennis ball across the floor to each other trying to aim it through the cones.


Yoga is another type of exercise F2b has had fun doing. The children learned how to do a variety of yoga poses whilst following a story to help strengthen their core and their gross motor skills. We loved doing 'Bear Hunt' and 'The Wizard of Oz' yoga.