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Today we break up for half term the school will re-open on Monday 2nd November 2020. Have a super break.


Christian Stories

The Bible is the Christian holy book. It is used to teach Christians how to live a good life like Jesus did.

13th July RE: Challenge 4

Watch the film and see below for activities to do...

Jonah and the Whale

Still image for this video

Jonah didn't want to listen. He tried to run away when he should of trusted in God.

  • If someone needed you would you help them?
  • Who do you trust? Who trusts you?
  • How do you make things better when you have made a mistake or upset someone?
  • Is saying sorry enough?


Have a go at: 

  • Sequence the story (see PDF below)
  • Make a den using blue material and pretend it is a whale. Hide in it and think about what Jonah must have felt like.
  • Create some Jonah and the whale pictures. (There are examples of different crafts below.)

Jonah and the Whale craft ideas

Sequence the story of Jonah and the Whale

6th July RE: Challenge 3

Watch the film and see below for activities to do...

Daniel and the Lions Den

Still image for this video

Daniel and the Lions Den story powerpoint

Story ideas

  • Make a lion mask (see ideas below)
  • Act out the story and pretend to be Daniel, the King or the lions
  • Make lollypop stick puppets to retell the story
  • Make a King's crown
  • Make a story map of the story and write some labels

Lion masks

29th June RE: Challenge 2

Watch the film and see below for activities to do...

The Parable of the Sower

Still image for this video

The Parable of the Sower - story powerpoint

We learnt in school that a parable is a story with a meaning behind it and something to teach us. 


This story is about us remembering to ask if we don't understand something so that we always keep learning. 

  • Why didn't the seeds grow in the weeds?
  • Why did the seeds grow on the soil?
  • Has there been something in school that you didn't understand at first?
  • How did you learn how to do it?
  • Have you learnt something new while learning at home?


Story challenge:

  • Plant some seeds and keep a diary of how they grow and change weekly. 
  • Draw a picture of the seeds and where they were planted.
  • Write some sentences to match each picture of the story. 

22nd June RE: Challenge 4

Watch the film and then have a think...  

David and Goliath

Still image for this video

This Bible story teaches us that we are never too young or small to do something. If we are brave, we can do anything!


  • What does it mean to be brave?
  • Can you remember a time when you were brave?
  • What can you do this week that is brave?
  • Can you try something new?
  • How was David brave?

Jewish Stories 

The Torah is the Jewish holy book. It is used to teach Jews how to live a good life.


15th June RE: Challenge 3 
Watch the film and the information on the link then have a go at some of the activities below....

The story of Esther and how she saved the Jews

Still image for this video

Haman wanted to kill all of the Jews but Esther managed with the help of God to the Jews safe.

  • If someone was in danger would you look after them?
  • Who would protect you?


At Purim Jews remember this story and celebrate by dressing up, giving gifts and eating delicious food.

Have a go at: 

  • Making a gragger to keep Haman (the baddy) away.
  • Bake a Hamantaschen (Purim cookie)
  • Put on your fancy dress and have a dance.

How to Make the Best Hamantaschen For Purim.mp4

Still image for this video

Hamantaschen recipe

Make a gragger, bake a Hamantaschen or dress up and have a dance

RE Challenge: 8th June
Watch the film and then have a think...  

The story of Hanukkah

Still image for this video
  • Where is your special place?
  • How do you feel when you visit your special place?
  • How would you feel if it was spoilt or ruined?
  • How would you protect things and people that are important to you


Thinking about the story of Hanukkah...

  • How do you think the oil burnt for 8 days with just 1 jar of oil?
  • How did the Maccabees defeat such a big army on their own?
  • What makes Hanukkah an important celebration?

Can you have a go at making a menorah?

RE Challenge: 1st June

Watch the film and then have a think...              


  • Who do you look up to and respect?
  • Could you trust them to look after you no matter what?
  • If you had to leave home in a hurry, what would you take with you?
  • What makes a good leader?
  • Do you think Moses was a good leader?

Belonging: Judaism


Judaism is one of the world's 6 main religions.

People who belong to the faith follow it's teachings are called Jews. 


This week we would like you to think about what it means to belong.

  • What do you belong to? This might be your family, school, clubs, religions
  • What does it feel like to belong? Does it make you feel special, safe, happy?
  • What does it mean to belong to the Jewish faith? Use the videos and links to find out.

The Star of David is the symbol of Judaism.


It represents belonging to the Jewish faith. Can you have a go at creating a Star of David?

You might want to...

  • paint
  • collage
  • mosaic
  • draw
  • colour
  • use a paint programme. 

Send us your work to share with the rest of your class. gdibley@arnoldmill.notts.sch.uk 

Easter Project


Over the Easter break (Week beginning Monday 6th April), your task is to research two festivals: Easter and Vaisakhi.


  • What is Easter?
  • Why is it important?
  • When do Christians celebrate Easter?
  • What is Vaisakhi?
  • Who celebrates Vaisakhi and when is it?
  • Why is it important?


Use these websites to help you: 

Activities to do: 


  • Make a story map of each story
  • Write the Easter story
  • Write the story of Vaisakhi
  • Write 5 facts about the festival of Vaisakhi
  • Make an Easter card for your family
  • Design an Easter egg
  • Decorate a hard boiled egg (if you have one)
  • Have a game of egg rolling with your family in the garden
  • Draw an Easter picture
  • Make an Easter basket
  • Make an Easter bonnet 
  • Make some yummy Easter cakes or biscuits (don't eat them all at once)
  • Hunt for Easter eggs in your garden (they could be chocolate, real or homemade paper eggs!)
  • Make an Easter themed assault course in your garden - you could bunny hop around it!


Parents, if you have access to Pinterest there are more Easter themed craft ideas that you could do with your child.


Please send me photos of your Easter activities to put on our class page and we can celebrate Easter together in a different way!