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Our learning in Maths


We will be exploring some of the principal areas of the maths curriculum.

The children will lear about number and place value, followed by addition and subtraction.

If you would like to support your child at home with these areas of learning, here are some ideas:



Year 2

  • Asking children to count in multiple of 2, 5, 10 and 3; you could do this using coins.
  • Asking children to write numbers to 100 in numerals and words.
  • Asking children to tell you one more or one less for numbers up to 100, then moving on to ten more and ten less.
  • Telling the time
  • Asking children to read and write number sentences involving the + - and = signs.
  • Asking to children to learn their number bonds (pairs of numbers) to make 10, 20 and 100

Y2 overview of Maths curriculum coverage

Here are some links to some games which link specifically to what the children are learning this term:


Addition and Subtraction








Maths Games

Try the links below to help you with your maths skills. These games work on improving your number bonds, times table facts, doubles and halves.








Please make sure that you are following the internet safety rules, never click or open anything you are unsure of and only using the internet when working with an adult.



Learn your 3 times tables

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Learn your 5 times table

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