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Don't forget that After School Clubs (excluding Boccia) finish this week - please see our website for the letter outlining which new Clubs are running after half term and how to apply for places.


Plastic pollution is a real problem in our oceans.

Fish and sea creatures are in danger from the rubbish that is found in the sea. Find out more below.


Why don't you have a go at making a plastic pollution poster using unwanted plastic bags to share this important message with others.


Geography Summer Term Challenge... part 2


Last week we looked at the  physical (natural) features of a beach, this week we are going to look at the human (man made) features of a coastline. Use the links from last week to help you. A human feature is something that has been made by human hands using materials and tools. Have a think about these things:


  • What are some human features of a beach?
  • How have they been made?


Have a go at this activity - you can print it off or copy and draw your own pictures and labels.

Natural or Man made sorting activity

Geography Summer Term Challenge... part 1

What is a coastline?


You have had chance to look at the seaside and holidays of the past, now let's have a look at what makes up a beach. Use the links and videos below to research the physical features of a beach. A physical feature is something that has been made naturally. Have a think about these things:


  • What are some physical features of a beach?
  • How are they made?
  • What is the coastline?





A powerpoint about the features of beaches and coasts

Can you label a coastline? You can print an activity sheet here or draw one yourself

Beach and coastlines art ideas



Use the websites below to access ideas for fun and games outside - an activity each day for the month of June!

  Outdoor Learning 


To celebrate National Outdoor Classroom Day on Thursday 21st May, we challenge you to do some learning outside! Use the websites below for lots of fun activities for you and your family to try. Enjoy smiley

We love our World!


Use some of the links below to find out about our world and the animals that live in it and develop your map skills. Also, sing along to our favourite continents song and learn about the 5 oceans!


Geography challenges at home:

  • Draw a map of your house with a key
  • Make an obstacle course in your house or garden with instructions and directions
  • Design and draw your dream garden 
  • What can you find out about the animals that live in each continent?
  • Can you find your house on Google Earth?
  • How many countries can you name/write down in 2 minutes?
  • Can you write down an animal for every letter of the alphabet? (Anteater, Buffalo, Cat, Dog...)

The Geography Song

Seven Continents Song (Australasia Version)

Five Oceans Song