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Don't forget that After School Clubs (excluding Boccia) finish this week - please see our website for the letter outlining which new Clubs are running after half term and how to apply for places.


English Task: 20th July 2020 

Share your ideas and work with me hleonard@arnoldmill.notts.sch.uk

What are your best memories of 1B?

Watch the video and have a go at one or more of the tasks below.

  • List your favourite memories.
  • Create a story path of your time in class 1B marking down all your favourite memories.
  • Write a diary entry recounting one of your favourite class 1B memories.
  • Talk about your favourite memories with an adult.


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English Task: 13th July 2020  Share your ideas and work with me hleonard@arnoldmill.notts.sch.uk

Where will your bubbles take you?

Watch the video and have a go at one or more of the tasks below.

  • Imagine you are floating on the bubble draw a picture of what can you see? 
  • Can you use different adjectives to describe what you can see?
  • Can you write an adventure that takes you to another land?
  • Can you make a story map to represent the journey you make and the places you visit on your bubble?


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English Task: 6th July 2020 

Imagine that you have just walked into your kitchen to find this…

Morning Surprise

Use your imagination and have a go at these writing tasks…

  • You can only ask 3 questions to the octopus. What would you ask and why?
  • You decide to let the octopus stay here, but the next morning you come into your kitchen to find it joined by another creature. What might it be?
  • Try to persuade the octopus to leave. Then try to persuade it to stay. Which was easiest? Why?
  • Write the story of how the octopus came to be here, and what happens next.

English task 29th June: Something Fishy

Take a look at this short film...

  • What do you notice about the sea creatures?
  • What other characters might be lurking at the bottom of the deep blue washing machine?
  • Use your imagination to create new characters. What about Jellyfish tights or an octopus jumper.
  • Can you draw and describe them?

(Share your ideas with everyone by emailing them to me.)

Something Fishy

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