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Our learning in English

We have been reading...


We have ordered the events of the Great fire of London so that we can document what happened, just as Samuel Pepys did in his diaries.

We have been reading

by Eric Carle

Have a read of the descriptions we wrote...

 We have been reading Naughty bus 



by Jan and Jerry Oke

Goodness gracious me! Naughty bus has been very naughty!

Sergeant Sabotage

Every week Sergeant Sabotage causes mayhem in our classroom. He comes along and muddles all our nouns, adjectives and verbs; he messes with our punctuation and changes our spelling!

Will we manage to defeat him? Of course we will!




We use the Read Write Inc scheme to teach reading and writing.

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Try the games below to help you improve your English skills.



Please make sure you follow the internet safety rules, never click or open anything you are unsure of and only use the internet when working with an adult.



If you want to improve your writing, don't forget to Uptown Punc it!