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Summer Term Art Challenge One


In our story The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, we see lots of Mr Grinling's lighthouse. Our challenge to you this week is to create a lighthouse piece of art. You can use any artistic media you have at home, this could be...


  • Paint 

  • Colouring pencils 

  • Collage materials 

  • Chalk on the pavement 

  • Everyday objects you can find in your house 

  • Natural materials from your garden 

  • A drawing app on a tablet or ipad

  • Recyclable materials 

  • Food


We would love it if you could take a photo, write some instructions or even make your own TV show and film yourself making your lighthouse. 

When your challenge is done please send us the results by email, which we can then share on our class pages.

Class 1B's amazing lighthouses

Art ideas for at home