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After School Clubs (except for Gardening and Football) restart w/c 10th January 2022 for 4 weeks.


As a school we use White Rose Maths to support our maths learning.

If you need to isolate at home click on the link below to find daily home learning videos and activities to support your child.

Each week in F2 we enjoy lots of fun and practical activities linked to storybooks to practise new concepts. We also like to use Numberblocks alongside as a fun and engaging way to learn about individual numbers and to help develop the children's mathematical understanding. 


This half term we will be focusing on the following:

  • Numbers 1 and 2 - different representations, circles and 2 way patterns
  • Numbers 3 and 4 - representations, triangles, squares and rectangles, adding and 3 way patterns
  • Number 5- representations and pentagons
  • 1 more and 1 less
  • Consolidating our learning so far


Numberblocks episodes are available on Iplayer if you would like to watch them at home. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/group/b08bzfnh


Below are some games that you can play at home that link to our focus.

Click on the links to play them: