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House Competition

New to Arnold Mill in 2013 was our House Competition. Here are a list of the winners so far:







We are expecting another thrilling and close competition this year.


This system was implemented in September 2013 and surpassed our expectations over the year. The competition allowed our older pupils in school to become more involved in PE by helping and motivating pupils in EYFS and Key Stage 1 competitions - this helped create a lovely feel within school and it allowed pupils from each Key Stage to engage with each other. All pupils, and staff, within school has been allocated a House team that they will represent throughout their school life. The pupils are given the opportunity to compete in various sports and events in an attempt to score points for their House.


The house points system has grown each year and pupils now earn points in various ways. We give 50 points to pupils that are selected to receive the value award each week in Good Book Assembly. Pupils in every assembly are selected to sit on a chair to reward their sitting and listening behaviour as they enter and wait for assembly to start, they receive 20 points for their house. We also award 10 house points for our musicians and choir members when they perform out of school. Attendance, behaviour during lunchtimes and lining up at the end of break times also allow pupils to gain further house points. 


Please see our homepage for the current house scores

House Information

Key Stage 1 Multi Skils House Event