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The following clubs are CANC this week - Performance Squad (Mon & Tue), Boccia (Wed).

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Thank you to everyone for their lovely gifts, cards and kind words.  I am very humbled by the messages I have received from the children, staff and members of the Arnold Mill community.

I have had the most fantastic 9 years and wish you all the very best for the future.

With fond regards,

Matt Lawrence (Head Teacher 2006 - 20150

Tiffany has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.

I can't believe mr Lawrence has left Arnold Mill he was a fab head teacher and did everything he could for anyone. I  miss you all and Arnold Mill will all ways be the best. Love u all xx😚

Libby has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.

Hi  Arnold Mill
I hope you are all ok and I miss you lots xxxxxxx

 Mr L - we miss you too Libs!
Tiffany E has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.

I hope everyone is ok and I am missing you all so much,I hope you had a fabulous 2014 and are having a   good 2015. Year 6 was a great year and I loved all the teachers thank you so much .  Tiffany (year 7)  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox 

 Mr L: Tiff we miss you too - hope everything is going well in your new home and school?
Hi All
Missing you at Arnold Mill! Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
From Luke And Zoe
 I would just like to say a huge thank you to all staff, parents and children for all of the cards, gifts and thank you messages I have received throughout my final week at Arnold Mill.  It has been an emotional week for me and I am overwhelmed by the beautiful gifts and the lovely words written in the cards.  I cannot thank you enough for the care and support I have been shown and truly hope to see you all next year.  I will miss you all so much you are all amazing.
Have a very happy Christmas.
Lots of love Emma

Miss Arnold Mill lots!! So many amazing memories, especially we will rock you! Miss you all <3

 Megan G Year 8 now.


Mr L - Thanks for the message Megs - hope you are enjoying Redhill too!

Mrs James, Mr Harrison, Miss Najuk, Mrs Bullen, Mrs Monaghan and Mr Knight would like to thank all the children who made this year's trip tp PGL so enjoyable. You were a pleasure to take away and you represented our school fantastically. A special mention has to be given to the following children, who appeared in KS2 Good Book this week for their resilience, determination to succeed and positive contributions. They are:

Abigail Moore.

Abigail initially found the kayaking activity very difficult because she was afraid of falling into the lake. She asked to get out of her kayak and sit on the side to watch the other children. During this time, she observed how the children floated on the surface when they fell in and so asked if she could give it another go. She not only got back into her kayak, but thoroughly enjoyed her second go, demonstrating courage and resilience – 2 qualities to be admired. Well done Abi!

Christian Jordan.

Christian became quite homesick on the first evening and wanted to go home. However, after a little persuasion from the adults and encouragement from his room-mates, he agreed to stay the night. On the following day, when asked if he now felt ok, he seemed a little surprised that the adults were even asking him! Well done for sticking it out Christian – just think what you would’ve missed if you had gone home on the first night!

Alex Simpson

Alex was very anxious during the trapeze activity and wanted to stop during the climb. However, he was encouraged by everyone in his group to try to go a little further and eventually managed to climb onto the platform, despite his shaking knees. He even successfully grabbed the trapeze, much to the delight of his friends in the group! Well done Alex – you managed to surprise yourself with that achievement.

Jade Horner.

Mr Knight was very impressed with the ‘have a go’ attitude that Jade demonstrated at PGL. She wasn’t always successful but she was determined to do the best that she could do which was really impressive. Well done Jade, you should be as proud of your achievements as we are.

Oliver Fletcher

Oliver tackled everything at PGL with a quiet determination to succeed. He never pushed to be the first or the best, but just tried really hard at everything. Because of his, he was a pleasure to take and we all really enjoyed his company. He could laugh at himself and enjoyed having fun, but never took it too far. Well done Oliver – you were a superstar!

Shannaye Green.

Again, Shannaye demonstrated a fantastic ‘can do’ attitude during PGL, which gave her a determination to succeed during the more difficult activities. The adults were really impressed with Shannaye, as we saw her come out of her shell and completely embrace the whole experience. Well done Shannaye – you should be proud of your achievements.


You are superstars!

Abi (JUST left) has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.

Bye Arnold Mill!!! I hope you all have a great summer and also I would like to thank all the amazing teachers that have taught me all through school! Arnold Mill was amazing and I couldn't thank you more for being so fabulous!!!! I'll miss you!!!
Abi B  :)

 Mr L - thank you for your kind words Abi - you are pretty special yourself - go and shine at Redhill!

Grant has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.

A big thank you from Myself, Tiffany ,Ciaran and Libby
To Mr Lawrence and all of their teachers over the years that have made my children's life at Arnold Mill an such enjoyable experience . I know you all will be sorely missed. I'll look forward to hopefully seeing you all again soon once my son Jenson is accepted at Arnold Mill.


Mr L - thank you for the kind message.  They are all lovely children and will be greatly missed. We wish them every success for their futures. Their new schools are lucky to have them!


Ellie C has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.

Dear Mr Lawrence and the cooking staff,
My grandma and grandpa loved the tea we prepared and were very grateful. I miss school so much can't wait until Monday see you soon xxx


Mr L - they are very welcome, hope they are proud of you?


Jordan G has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.


 Love this school fantastic teachers Mrs James and Mrs Moodie and all teachers. I love the way you teach me stuff. Mrs White thank you for Freshstart.


Mrs Moodie has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form. 

 On behalf of Yr6, I just wanted to say a big thank you to all staff for  your support during SATs-with special thanks to Mrs Knight for the amazing breakfasts!
Year 6, it has been a privilege to be with you this week. You have worked (and played) so hard. Your determination shone: I hope that you get the results that you truly deserve. In our afternoons of baking, art, PE and animations it was wonderful to see (and taste) your many, and considerable, talents!

Ellie C has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.

I can't wait until Monday for 3 things. 1. because I get to have my French trumpet lesson. 2. I get to see my friends and Mr Harrison and Miss Spencer. 3. because I get to do spelling I love them because I always get full marks. I love school it is amazing.

Mr Lawrence has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.


Good luck to all our Year 6 who have worked so hard this year in preparation for their national tests. Arnold Mill is very proud of you. Remember 'go hard or go home.'


Flynn has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.

Good luck to year 6 for the S.A.T.S on Monday-Thursday 

Tiffany has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.


I hope you all are having a great time off. I'm looking  forward to see my friends.  Thank you Mr Lawrence,Mrs Moodie and Mrs James  for all your help to give me confidence.


Charlie P has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.

 I am loving my new Science topic. Thank you Miss Hillary & Miss Bennett


Rachel J Yr 6 has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.

Every teacher in this school is amazing and just a quick thanks for whoever picked the artwork- the witches (Macbeth) I'm proud that my work got picked!


Mr L - the artwork chosen looks amazing come and have a look in the front entrance! Well done Rachel - I love them.



Rachel Year6 has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.


Hey I'm loving this website.  It rocks!!!


Lauren T Year 5 has submitted a message via the 'Guest Book Comments' form.

I love school  Amolie does too she's screaming In my ear when can we go back to school I miss my teachers ×10000! I can't wait to get back to school  and see all my friends.


Old Website Comments


  Ellie P Y5

20 March 2014 17:37:15

I love school


  Kian H Y4

18 March 2014 19:04:36

Who likes school very much I do thanks to all teachers I have a happy life.


  ethan m

11 March 2014 11:41:18

Hello Arnold mill I don't know if u guys miss me but I'm having a great time in Australia I'm loosing my English ancient I miss all the teachers to y best friends Leo Isaac tom and Olivia Rachel miss u guys.

Hello Ethan - great to hear from you!


  Megan (yr7 now)

06 March 2014 23:09:40

Miss Q read that poem you gave us in yr4 nearly cried!!! Anyway missing primary a lot but it's all fun at Redhill!!

06 March 2014 13:26:37

I think I'm going to have an amazing time helping out at the gardening club!! xx


  portia yr 5

07 December 2013 09:57:07

Thank you for the best disco ever I loved it!



05 December 2013 09:04:15

So this is realllly random but hello! I'm Iain and I live in New Zealand. Your school sounds awesome :D

Thank you for your kind words!


  paris l

08 November 2013 16:20:03

I love my teacher Mr Harrison it is the best year ever. I hope you are enjoying it a swell. You are the best.



03 November 2013 10:44:03

I would like to say a big thank yo to Mrs Lloyd miss hopewell and mr Lawrence. miss lloyd and miss hopewell thank you for your support other past 7 weeks THANK you mr Laurence for letting me have the job of the benches and letting me choose people to do it with.


  Mrs Moodie

22 October 2013 21:37:46

I haven't written on here for a while! Tiffany-you were a pleasure to teach!
It was so lovely to hear from you, Edward. I hope that you are continuing to shine.
Portia, we're SO happy that you and your sister have enjoyed the last 6 weeks.
Happy rainy holidays, everyone! x


  Portia Y5

18 October 2013 19:14:25


  Portia L

18 October 2013 19:07:37

thank you Mr Lawrence for being the best head teacher in the world.


  Libby F2

12 October 2013 16:32:20

Libby is really injoying school at the moment thank you miss q xxxxx libby says your the best teacher ever


  Edward V (Year 8 now)

07 October 2013 17:14:01

I haven't been on this website for a while!!!

how is the school redevelopment going?
I heard it was having builders in and stuff. How is it now?
Mr Lawrence, please could you update the image on the home page with a new one of Arnold mill please and I hope everyone is setteling well into their new classes and enjoying Mrs knights lovely school meals, miss you all,


  Mrs Bullen

01 October 2013 19:59:00

I think everyone who went to PGL should be very proud of themselves! During your time there we saw you; be supportive to your friends, overcome your fears, challlenge yourselves and be confident as individuals. Well done everyone, I had a great time there too (a special well done to you if you were in the 'best' group - AKA Mrs Bullen's and Miss Najuk's) :)


  Georgia year 12

01 October 2013 14:30:02

this website hasn't changed since i was in primary school. wish i could be back at primary it was so fun! miss the environment and the teachers


  Lauren Year 6

28 September 2013 12:05:54

Had a FANTASTIC time at PGL with all my friends. Thank you sooooooo much Mrs James and all the teachers that took us, hope you get a good rest this week end:)


  Jayne Whitelocks

27 September 2013 17:11:27

Would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the staff who went to Caythorpe , Riley had an amazing time , also thank you for the updates via text , most appreciated . Regard Jayne



31 August 2013 17:05:29

i would like to say a big thank you to miss james miss moddie miss nunely miss spencer for all you support over the year xx


  Karen Robinson

09 August 2013 11:04:32

I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone for all the cards, gifts, flowers and good wishes you gave me on my retirement. I was overwhelmed by your kindness. I wish each and everyone of you all the best for the future and I will miss you all greatly.


03 August 2013 09:37:30

loving the holidays looking forward to coming back but make the most of your holiday enjoy



Seona N Yr 6

12 July 2013 21:03:22

La la la la um fa tata
Mr L - I could find you some maths homework?!


  Sara Limb

11 July 2013 15:17:03

I would just like to say a massive thank you to allowing my twins to experience London they had an absolutely fantastic time !!


  Georgie (year 6)

25 June 2013 19:28:32

omg I cannot wait until the Y6 play I'm killer queen num 2. and thank you to miss carr for putting me forward for this red hill thing in the hols. and guess what im going too be a god mother to my cousin raya. :D


  Eve T R Year 5

13 June 2013 18:52:14

Hi guys, what is the name of the website for the writing competition and email? thank you ;)


  Molly Mae

16 May 2013 20:48:45

Hiya finished sats glad they were easy! hope u all got good levels in them.


  Lauren W Year 5

12 May 2013 15:26:59

Looking forward to Football match on Friday 17th we are in the quarter finals against Good Shepherd please come and support us (at home) :)

Mr L - good luck girls!!



30 April 2013 16:56:34

netballers just won the netball match 2-3 guess who just beat our rivals Robert mellors woohoo
Mr L -great stuff Flynn - keep up the hardwork
Hey I'm loving this website.  It rocks