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Coronavirus Updates

Covid-19 – March 8th Review of Arrangements

To make sure school isn't too crowded at pick up and drop off times we have new times to help ease the flow of people around school. 


From March 8th 2021 these will be your new drop off and pick up times:


2d, 2e, 2f 8.50 am 3.20 pm


1a, 1b, 8.55 am 3.25 pm


1c, 8.50am 3.30pm


2c, 2b, 2a 9.00 am 3.30 pm


F2a 9.05 am (at the F1/Nursery please) 3.15 pm (from the F2a door please)

F2b 9.05 am (at the F2a door please) 3.15 pm (from the F2b door please)


F1am 9.10 am 11.30 am (unless staying for lunch)

F1pm 1.00 pm (unless staying for lunch) 3.15 pm


We are still very keen for people to be on site for as little time as possible and still encourage mask wearing please. The registers will now close at 9.15am. After this time you will need to take your child to the office and they will receive a late mark.

Covid-19 Advice for parents poster

Emergency Safeguarding procedures for Covid19 school closure