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Autumn Term Computing


At the start of term, we began by using the Bee Bots. We learned about algorithms (instructions) and how to program a Bee Bot to move where we wanted it to go. First, we learned about all of the different buttons that are on the Bee Bot and what they do. We learned about the importance of clearing the Bee Bot's memory before inputting the next instruction, otherwise it would repeat the old instructions as well. The children enjoyed making the Bee Bots go forwards and backwards as they tried to get the Bee Bot to their partner. They roamed all around the classroom and the children enjoyed the chance to be able to explore how to get the Bee Bot to move around in different ways. 


We have also been exploring using other technology by creating art on the Interactive Whiteboard and the Ipads. As part of our topic, we have been reading stories that include bears. Using the paint programme J2code, the children created their own picture of a brown bear or polar bear. They were able to change the colours and brush size they needed independently for the different parts of their picture.