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School closes at 3.30pm on Wed 24 July for the summer holidays and reopens on 4 Wed Sept.


We have be learning how to program BeeBots. We began by learning about direction and what the buttons on the BeeBot do. Then we used mats to get the BeeBots to move around different obstacles to reach the different characters in the story 'The Three Little Pigs'. We created out own instructions and wrote the algorithm together on the board and then inputted it into the BeeBots. 


Next, we had fun learning how to use the Caterpillars. We learned that each segment of the Caterpillars body had a different direction or instruction and we had to put them in order of which way we wanted the Caterpillar to travel. We created a map of Arnold by thinking about the places we see when we walk to and from school. Then we programmed the Caterpillar to visit different places on the map.


For Bonfire Night, we used the program J2code to create beautiful firework pictures. We learned how to add stickers and change colours and brush sizes. The children made some fantastic pictures!

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Picture 2
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