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School is now closed for the Summer Holidays. We re-open on Thursday 3rd September 2020

BOAT JOURNEYS 13.7.20 - 24.7.20

A Mini Project About … BOAT JOURNEYS!



From Monday 13th July, our children in school will be spending the fortnight learning about Boat Journeys and so we would also like our home learners to discover the same interesting facts. Here are a list of lesson ideas for different subjects within the curriculum. Choose one or two a day and see what you can discover, create and learn. This work will be completed over the next two weeks in school, so please take your time and do not feel that you have to complete all of it at home, as we know you are also accessing other work through White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize. Please send us examples of your amazing work. We would love to have a 'Boat Journeys Gallery' on our class page. Remember that most of the worksheets do not need printing - you can read them online and then write on your own paper or answer any questions verbally.


Narrative Writing Ideas

These ideas are related to our text for the topic 'The Legend of the Crab Phare', which can be accessed through either of these links:




Complete the narrative tasks listed below, which can also be found on this narrative ideas sheet:

  • Use a dictionary to find and define words from the story
  • Answer questions based on the animation
  • Retell the story in the first person putting yourself into the role of the crab or a visitor
  • Explore synonyms and antonyms
  • Create a character description for crab (using the thought shower/character profile sheet)

Handwriting Ideas

Have a go at writing these songs and poems in your neatest handwriting, remembering to use the correction letter formation and joins that you have been taught in school.

As part of our Boat Journeys topic, we would like you to learn about Grace Darling and why she is an important person in British history; The Titanic and the story behind the famous sinking of the ship and also discover more about the RNLI and find out about the history of the organisation.

Here are a list of learning ideas for each of these:



KEY QUESTIONS: Who was Grace Darling? Where did she live? What was her life like? Why did she become famous?


  • Grace Darling reading comprehension - this may be slightly easy for some of you. If it is, instead of answering the questions, have a go at writing some questions for which the answers can be found in the text
  • Watch a dramatisation of Grace Darling’s story (12 minutes) - The life and work of Grace Darling: https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/class-clips-video/history-ks1-ks2-grace-darling/z4y7pg8
  • BBC’s The Story of Grace Darling Primary History animation of events.
  • Complete timeline of Grace Darling’s life (choose the sheet which you feel confident in completing or if you are not printing, you may use the information on the sheets to create your own timeline on your own piece of paper)
  • Imagine you are Grace Darling. Write a diary entry about ‘The Night I Saved the Sailors’ (see sheet)
  • Create a Fact-file about Grace Darling (see sheet)
  • Write a biography about Grace Darling’s life (see biography checklist)


KEY QUESTIONS: What do we mean by a ship’s ‘maiden voyage’? Why are ships traditionally referred to as ‘she’? What was life like on-board Titanic? Was it the same for all passengers? Why did so many people lose their lives?



KEY QUESTIONS: What does RNLI stand for? Why are the RNLI important? What do the RNLI do? How do lifeboats work?


Maths Idea

NRICH investigation, Boat folding; https://nrich.maths.org/5364

(Please continue to access White Rose and BBC Bitesize for your daily maths lessons)


Geography Ideas

  • What type of boat could I travel on? Research different types of boat and produce an information poster/PowerPoint to show what you have found out.
  • Where could I explore on a boat? Find out about some of the most interesting journeys you could take on different types of boats. Share what you have found. (See sheet)
  • Label the UK rivers and seas on a blank map (atlas / Google maps needed).

Science Idea

Investigate floating and sinking - see DT idea below for designing a boat that stays afloat.


DT Ideas

  • Design and create a desert island raft
  • Design and create a paddle boat
  • Design and create a tin cargo boat
  • Design and create a boat that can stay afloat

Art Ideas

PSHE Ideas – Ellen MacArthur


Music /Singing ideas


Other Ideas (including PE)


Just For Fun

  • Boat themed colouring, boat drawing, word search, lego, ipads/laptops, wet playtime games / puzzles
  • Pirate ships Battleships (see sheet).
  • Learn some pirate lingo
  • Find out what your pirate name is (see JPEG)
  • Pirate boat origami
  • Record Breakers! See if you can find out about any world record breakers who have done something amazing related to water travel, e.g. rowers.