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BEES 21.6.20

A Mini Topic About … Bees!


We are currently learning about bees in school and would also like our home learners to discover the same interesting facts. Here are a list of lesson ideas for different subjects within the curriculum. Choose one or two a day and see what you can discover, create and learn. Please send us examples of your amazing work. We would love to have a 'Bee Gallery' on our class page.


Writing ideas

The writing tasks are based on the wordless picture book ‘Bee-&-Me’ by Alison Jay which has a

message of hope and friendship. The story is about a little girl who befriends a bee and takes an

amazing journey of discovery.

Writing ideas related to ‘Bee and Me’ by Alison Jay

  • Watch animation created from the book here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO215UAi4i4
  • Draw a story map to retell the key events in the story. Annotate with key words or phrases.
  • Write the story told by the images. 
  • Write a diary entry about an event in the story. You could write an entry in role as the girl and/or the bee. 
  • Write a thank you letter from the girl or the bee.
  • Write a sequel describing another adventure with the bee (your character could be a boy).
  • Create a comic strip to recount this story or your own bee story.
  • Instructions: how to look after a bee; how to make bee medicine.
  • Survival guide: how to survive a week with a human (from the bee’s perspective).
  • TV Broadcast or newspaper ‘The Daily Buzz’ – recount of the event – HUMAN SIZED BEE INVADES NEIGHBOURHOOD.
  • Magazine article - Interview between the girl and a journalist.
  • Bird’s eye view as a commentary – description of the adventure on the bee’s back.
  • Write a campaign speech – bees have rights (perspective of a bee).


Videos about bees


Science ideas


Art/DT ideas


Geography ideas

  • Draw a map to show what a bee would see if they flew over the school/ your home/ local area. Mark notable landmarks.


History ideas


Music/Dance ideas