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School is now closed for the Summer Holidays. We re-open on Thursday 3rd September 2020

AMP challenges

The Arnold Mill Challenge

During this time that school is closed, we are setting you a selection of random challenges to try to complete. Some will be easier than others will and some need you to be extra creative. When we come back to school, prizes will be awarded to those who have completed the most challenges and have evidence of completion.

Print this off and colour in each square as you complete the challenges

The rules

  • There MUST be some form of evidence to prove you have completed each task either written or a photo emailed to your teacher.
  • Before completing each task, you will need to get permission from a parent/carer.
  • You can work together with people in your home to help you complete the challenge but YOU must be involved in each task.
  • For each task, you will need to demonstrate a Take Care approach, ensuring you are respectful towards other people.
  • This challenge is solely based on having FUN!


Top tips

  • Plan out when you are going to complete each task. Don't do them all in one go, take your time. 
  • Think about what resources you could use before you start a task
  • Talk to your friends / family for advice/ideas
  • Contact your teacher if you have any questions or need any help