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Arnold Mill were crowned Gedling Champions at Handball and Dodgeball this week. Along with finishing 2nd at both events as well. Well done to all the pupils

SSOC -School Sport Organising Crew

Our school house captains and vice captains will once again play an important role in school this year as they will form our School Sport Organising Crew. This crew will become involved in sport and PE within school by running clubs, carrying out surveys, reporting on competitions and helping to develop the delivery of sport within school.


What is a School Sport Organising Crew?

A School Sport Organising Crew (SSOCrew) is a diverse group of young people who join together to develop, organise and promote school sport and intra-school competition within the
Sainsbury’s School Games.


Why do we need a School Sport Organising Crew?
A SSOCrew provides a structured and meaningful mechanism for young people to do the following:

• Contribute to decisions about sporting activities and sports competition in their school.
• Engage in aspects of school life outside timetabled lessons.
• Air views and have opinions listened to.
• Influence and shape school sport for their peers.
• Assist in the development and planning of ‘their’ Sainsbury’s School
Games programme of activities — based on student voice and need.
• Organise intra-school competitions within their school.
• Be valued and seen as an integral part of the workforce.

The SSOCrew should be seen as an essential aspect of developing school sport provision that meets the needs of young people.


Meet the crew.....

Team Robinson

Team Robinson 1
Team Robinson 2
Team Robinson 3
Team Robinson 4

Team Hawksley

Team Hawksley 1
Team Hawksley 2
Team Hawksley 3
Team Hawksley 4

Team Higginbottom

Team Higginbottom 1
Team Higginbottom 2
Team Higginbottom 3
Team Higginbottom 4

Team Stubbins

Team Stubbins 1
Team Stubbins 2
Team Stubbins 3
Team Stubbins 4

Various members have roles within the crew.


Head Of Crew

Sam Carey 


House Competition Organiser 

Poppy Greentree and Natasha Need


Lunch Time Behaviour Awards

Megan Crawford and Chloe Wildgust-Straw


School Sports Journalist

Lauren Carter, Ellie Glover and Lucas Walton 




They have decided to perform a survey with the Key Stage 2 classes to find out which sports they would like to play. This survey will be conducted before Easter during break times and will be led by Sam, the Head of Crew. 


During the spring term the competition organisers and SSOC have been pivotal in a Year 6 intra school football competition which has taken place during break times. The captains have been asked to select a team to compete in the competition and the team sheets have been monitored by the competition organisers. 


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