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ARNOLD MILL Girls Football Team are crowned CHAMPIONS of Nottinghamshire. An incredible achievement by a fantastic groups of girls. Well Done all of you

Sports Leaders

The pupils in year 5 will be given the opportunity to take part in and 8-10 week course that will look at the skills required to be a sports leader. The pupils attending the course will work on theory based ideas initially before planning and leading practical sessions with the rest of the group. The ultimate aim of the group is for them to lead sessions to other pupils in school during breaks, lunch times and during PE lessons.
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The sports leaders were given their first opportunity to put their skills into practice as they delivered some fun sessions to pupils from year 1. The Sports leaders did an amazing job and they thoroughly enjoyed running sessions with younger children.

With the PE department attending the swimming gala it was left to the year 5 sports leaders to deliver a PE session for class 1C (under the supervision of a teacher.) The lesson went extremely well and Mrs Sharphouse was very impressed by the leadership qualities that were shown by the leaders and also their confidence in working with younger pupils.


The leaders have now completed their course and will receive their certificates during an assembly after half term. we are hoping that other pupils in year 5 will now be inspired and we can run another Sports Leaders course.

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