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Maths Day- using your 'Maths Eyes'!

Maths day- Thursday 6th October 2016

The whole school are having a day of fun with maths! We will be exploring how maths contributes to everything that we do and the world around us. Hence the 'maths eyes'. Children will be encouraged to discover for themselves the wonder of maths in every day life!

Have a look at the following pictures.

Look through your 'maths eyes'. What do you notice? What could you explore?


We want you to get looking for images of the world around us (similar to those in the pictures above) that will encourage us all to use our 'maths eyes'. Take a photo of something that will get us thinking and talking maths and bring it in. There are many more images that you could find in the environment that could get us all looking with our maths eyes... so, go and explore!