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Key Stage 2 Swimming Team

It was another proud day at Arnold Mill on Thursday 12th February as our Key Stage 2 swimming competed at an event organised by the swimming team of Notts County Council. The swimmers had mixed emotions as they arrived at Carlton Forum, with the club swimmers looking forward to the event as they would be able to compare themselves to other very accomplished swimmers and with the non cub swimmers feeling a little anxious and a little unsure as to what lay in store. Once the event got going  it was clear to see that any nervousness had disappeared and all of the team thoroughly enjoyed the mornings competition.  


All of the adults that attended were extremely proud of ALL our competitors and once again it was fantastic to see the impact that sport can have on a child's confidence and self esteem,




School Sport Journalist Report

Picture 1
Below we have 4 boys that competed extremely well, with 3 of them winning their individual races and as a team of 4 they won the medley relay.
Picture 1