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Chess Team

Chess league

The first league game saw A.M.P.S. take on Ravenshead at their school. The standard was very high, with 5 of their team having played at national level, and this showed through as they won very convincingly. We are hoping that having seen players of this standard will inspire our players to develop and aim for this level.

On Wednesday 28th January Arnold Mill finally returned to the competitive world of chess. The chess club at school restarted in September drew a few players that were already of a good standard. Since then they have attended an after school in practice for reforming the school's chess team. In preparation for the league games the team have coming up a friendly match was organised against Forest Fields Primary School.


The team travelled to the match with a few nerves but also with great excitement. The matches that took place were very tense but it was clear to see that the pupils from Arnold Mill were using the advice and tactics they had been given at the after school club. Team AMPS came through strongly and managed to secure a 7-2 victory - well done boys!

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